The Walkmen Reunion Tour

Rosie Ounsworth ‘26 In the year 2000, an indie rock group, known as The Walkmen, started in New York City. Their debut album “Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone” made waves in the music industry, being critically acclaimed by many respected music websites and magazines. After the release of “Bows+Arrows” in 2004, with their hit song “The Rat”, The Walkmen gained millions of … Continue reading The Walkmen Reunion Tour

The Legend of Zelda Continues…

Andrew Szperka ’25 On March 28th, Nintendo released a gameplay trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the newest title in the Legend of Zelda series. In addition, on April 13th, Nintendo released another trailer for the game, this time providing a glimpse into the new characters and story. After the previous release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, … Continue reading The Legend of Zelda Continues…

Ghosted: Meet-cute or Stalker?

Abby Nye ‘24 Ghosted is a romantic action-adventure comedy film featuring Chris Evans and Ana de Armas. This movie was highly anticipated and expected to be an interesting and new take on spy romance movie but it didn’t quite live up to expectations. It’s fine for a film to be just a romance but Ghosted doesn’t get it, opting for action to the point of … Continue reading Ghosted: Meet-cute or Stalker?

Coachella: Letting Go of The Present

Kylie James ‘26 Musical festivals are typically a time when people can unleash themselves from the constraints of the modern day in order to be more in the moment. When surrounded by others who share a similar interest, unity is created and barriers can be broken. Music festivals are an opportunity to let go of any stressors or responsibilities; a time to unwind and let … Continue reading Coachella: Letting Go of The Present

Are Superhero Movies Hitting Their Fatigue?

Olivia Caruso ‘24 So far in 2023, Shazam! Fury of the Gods and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania were released this past winter and haven’t been advertised as much as other huge film features were. Different reviews and Rotten Tomatoes have been saying how there is a recent boredness to newer superhero movies. It is understandable because since the amazingly filmed Batman (2022) and the … Continue reading Are Superhero Movies Hitting Their Fatigue?

The Surge of Violence On College Campuses Continues to Threaten Lives 

Congratulations to the class of 2022! May your future be bright. Applause erupts from the crowds as caps fill the sky. We did it, think the graduates, grabbing their friends and smiling with glee. Little do they know, this celebrated right of passage often takes on a more somber tone as a result of the violent crime which plagues many college campuses.   Despite the overwhelming … Continue reading The Surge of Violence On College Campuses Continues to Threaten Lives 

Colonial Players Alumni Make It Big!

Leena Krayyem ‘24 Two of Plymouth Whitemarsh’s very own Colonial Players have landed roles on Broadway and a National Broadway Tour. Colin Mash (Class of 2020) and Angel Sigala (Class of 2014) made theater their livelihoods. In addition to starring on the Plymouth Whitemarsh stage, both actors have been involved in Colonial School District’s music program beyond their years in high school. Sigala choreographed the … Continue reading Colonial Players Alumni Make It Big!

Thrift or Fast Fashion?

Phoebe Balkiewicz, 26’ What are the brands of clothing that we wear in 2023? Our generation looks for brands like Lululemon, Nikey, Forever 21, Aerie, etc. But how often do you stop to think if your shopping is sustainable? Our favorite brands could be using fast fashion. Fast fashion is “inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers”. Fast fashion is a huge problem because fast … Continue reading Thrift or Fast Fashion?

The History of the Penn Relays Carnival

Rupprecht ‘25 It’s no understatement to say that Philadelphia has a lot of history. Considered to be the beating heart of the Revolutionary War, the area is littered with important relics of the past. However, the City of Brotherly Love is known for a lot more than the Founding Fathers and Rocky. In the midst of cobblestone streets and 1700s buildings lies the location of … Continue reading The History of the Penn Relays Carnival