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COVID Thoughts and College Halts

Danielle Grobman, ‘20 Social Life? Paused. Senior Year? Stunted. College visits? Canceled. COVID is undoubtedly a historic year none of us anticipated for and has unapologetically hit us with a full-force, high-speed, universe-sized truck. We’ve all managed to cope with various challenges in some way, but no matter how easy or difficult it has been, it has certainly been a period of trials, error adjustments, … Continue reading COVID Thoughts and College Halts

The NBA Speaks out Against Racial Injustice Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ava Suarez ‘22 This NBA season has truly been like no other. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, sports teams across the nation have had to make unprecedented changes. After a four-month suspension, the NBA season resumed in July and, for the first time ever, held its games without spectators. The season wrapped up in October with an intense series between the Los Angeles … Continue reading The NBA Speaks out Against Racial Injustice Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID is Rising… is Mental Health Falling?

Norah Myerow ‘23 Quarantine has affected each and every one of us for better or worse. Some people took this long “break” as the time to recollect and start a new chapter of their lives where they could make a change for the better. Because there was no social norm or concrete schedule for anyone, other people may have lost motivation and overall had a … Continue reading COVID is Rising… is Mental Health Falling?

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Netflix Binges During Shutdown

Olivia Caruso ’24 It was late winter/early spring of 2020 when the world shut down, giving us little to no hope that the world would be normal again. However, Netflix and other streaming services have been giving everyone good television shows to binge while people are stuck at home with nothing to do.  Netflix has been the biggest streaming service on the planet, having “nearly … Continue reading Netflix Binges During Shutdown

Broadway Goes Dark

Leena Krayyem, ‘24 The coronavirus pandemic has had its impact on most certainly everyone. So many communities have experienced detrimental effects and may never recover, the theater community included. Broadway has been dark since March 12th and will be until May 30th, 2021,  according to a recent update. Acting for a living is already such an uncertain career, and it’s not always easy to find … Continue reading Broadway Goes Dark

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The Notorious RBG: An American Icon

Jordyn Green ‘21 “When I’m sometimes asked ‘When will there be enough (women on the Supreme Court)?’ and my answer is: ‘When there are nine.’ People are shocked. But there’d been nine men, and nobody’s ever raised a question about that.” – Ruth Bader Ginsburg  On September 18th, an American icon and inspiration known also by her nickname the notorious RBG passed away at 87 … Continue reading The Notorious RBG: An American Icon

Race for the Vaccine

Michael Krayyem ‘22 Everyone has been asking the question: “when is the vaccine coming?”. The entire process of finding a vaccine has become very convoluted thanks to the current political situation. Companies and countries around the world are racing to find the vaccine to the coronavirus disease. Since the beginning of the outbreak in December, experts have been working to get a vaccine. Despite the … Continue reading Race for the Vaccine

Will COVID trick or treat us for Halloween?

Olivia Prusky ’23 Halloween 2020 seems right out of a Disney Monstober movie. It is on a Saturday night, and there will be a full moon. People were looking forward to Halloween all year because of these special conditions. However, in the midst of a pandemic, Halloween is not going to be the same fun-filled night of trick or treating and parties as usual. The … Continue reading Will COVID trick or treat us for Halloween?

What are the Best Holiday Movies to Watch this Season?

By: Samantha Coke 2020 has been a strange year for all of us, and we’ve all had to learn new things along the way. Events and flights have been canceled this year, causing many of us to be stuck at home for the holidays without our loved ones. Although being trapped at home for the season is not ideal, there are ways to make the … Continue reading What are the Best Holiday Movies to Watch this Season?

Switching Back to Hybrid

By: Leena Krayyem On December 10th, 2020, Governor Tom Wolf announced temporary bans on indoor dining, the closure of casinos and theaters, and a pause on winter sports. Prior to this, all schools in Montgomery County were required to close for a two-week period beginning on November 23rd and follow an all-virtual schedule. After that period, the school board for Colonial School District voted to … Continue reading Switching Back to Hybrid

How to Get Through the Difficult Winter

By: Maya Hoffman According to weather experts, this winter is going to be extremely cold and snowy in the Mid-Atlantic region. To many, this is very upsetting news, especially when coupled with the pandemic’s staggering intensity. Nevertheless, a blustery season can be an exciting opportunity. In contrast to last year’s mild winter when we were without a single snow day, this year is our chance … Continue reading How to Get Through the Difficult Winter

The Shelf-Clearing Gifts of 2020: What Will be Found Under the Tree This Year?

By: Marisa Sloan Last month, Amazon released the most bought and anticipated gifts for the holidays this year, only leading to more speculation over what will be the new trends of 2021 as we head into the new year.  Although Dr. Martens have remained popular each year, more and more people have been purchasing them. As the cold weather continues, I predict that many people … Continue reading The Shelf-Clearing Gifts of 2020: What Will be Found Under the Tree This Year?

AP Tests Update for 2021

By: Michael Krayyem The College Board plays an influential role in academics here at Plymouth Whitemarsh through the AP exams and Advanced Placement program. The pandemic created a massive dilemma for the College Board, which under normal circumstances administers its AP tests in person. However, last May, the College Board adhered to the demands of students wishing to test and went forward with a modified … Continue reading AP Tests Update for 2021

What this Winter Means with the Coronavirus

By: Ashleigh O’Brien As cold temperatures approach, precautions need to be taken to stay healthy and safe. This season will be the first winter with the widespread coronavirus. An interesting way to predict the COVID numbers is to look at how the flu and other viruses have spread in the winter season. It is important to prepare for what this season will mean for aspects … Continue reading What this Winter Means with the Coronavirus